You’re right

There will come a time when your righteousness will be tested. People will question your energy, your positivity and most importantly, your values.

That question won’t be direct. It will be in the form of allegation, bad words or perhaps even threat.

Now you’re left with two options:

Option I:

Justify yourself.

When you don’t have that authority, justify yourself in your head.

Option II:

Understand. Questioning you may be because of only two reasons:

a) They are not too fond of you. Perhaps your high vibes make them want to try more. When they can’t, the easiest way is to bring you down.

In this situation, simply stop. Even if they are totally wrong, what they need is to be “right”. Work on yourself to calmly respond and put your point forward. Then don’t get attached to they accepting it. Bless them, and keep working within.

b) They said something that really needs to change in you, their method was however not right.

In this situation, determine to work on yourself. And for the adage “be respectful”, you start at your end by respecting the person who disrespected you. Your respect to them (from within) will be the best gift to them.

You have the self respect not to be sensitive to someone else’s way of being. That way, you empower the world.

Today. Be.