In search of life

In search of life,
I settled for death
Why ask others
When after murdering my own happiness
I am suffering the pain of its death
In search of life,
I settled for death

The above is an excerpt from my book “Fit Doesn’t Fit: Why not fitting into the world is The Best Thing for You and the World”

The only purpose behind me writing this book was to let people like you and me, who are wandering in search of happiness, yet know the only person responsible for happiness is the person in the mirror.

Yes, there are people who shattered you from the core.

Yes, there are people who tried to bring out the worst in you.

Yes, despite all this, no one understands you.

This book is an attempt to bring that understanding not TO you, rather FOR you, because you deserve it. Your life is not randomly allowed to be wasted by anyone.

You matter. Stop fitting in.

The ebook is available here and Paperback is available here.

What’s better? It’s available globally, outside India readers do check your local Amazon sites, because I want my global community to be benefitted.

Wish you all all the peace, friends. Stop fitting in. Be an Unfit.