Do you want to change the world?

To shout is not power. It is lack of power.

To demean people isn’t truthful. It’s lack of self-control.

To check phone every three minutes is not being there for your team. They want you to be easy before anything else.

As we get caught up in this endless wave of doing what the world says is right, we forget that the world needs more people who are aware, not a photocopy of the world we need to change.

I dream of a world

I dream of a world, where…

• where we could tell each other that we need help

• where asking for help would be considered a sign of strength and not of powerlessness

• where failing in life did not mean we are a failure

• where we said yes, and then said no in a way that it won’t appear like a no

• where we appreciated our loved ones for their journey even if they are not doing what we wished them to do

• where we learnt how to tolerate our angst against people whose sole and soul role is to make us stronger, and to show us that our time is way to important to try to change them

• where we just knew that we are loved

“Will you take care of me,” says who!

We live in a messy world.

Or maybe we have created it so.

Or maybe the world is a beautiful place to be.

Or maybe…

…maybe you know all I am going to say that it is a matter of perception.

All that said and done, the world you and I outside is created by what we do within.

If you disagree, try thinking ONLY positive for the next twenty-four hours and notice the difference.