What I have been learning about being good…

If you take your goodness constructively, it will do miracles for you.

Because goodness, in my definition, is responsibility.

If you are good, it is your responsibility to treat the wrong person right.
If you are good, it is your responsibility to receive the wrong given to you in the right manner.

Most people (at work, outside of work) realise that only a few people can be this responsible. Thus, it is the responsible people that get most learnings. For those who do not care to be responsible to perceive things right, they are just doing the job.

Responsible ones, take the responsibility. They don’t like it the most, but they would never want it the other way. And that’s the most beautiful thing about being good.

O yeah, that happens with me too!

O yes.

It is weird sometimes.

People behave in strange ways.

They act as if they don’t care.

And more than anything else, they tell you that you matter however, that is the last thing you see.

So, what to do?

Take care of yourself buddy!

The advice is real, the execution in takes all the effort. And if you are you, there is no one that can shake you.

If no one told this to you, here it is…

1. You are doing your best. Stop beating yourself up.

2. You have a lot of power. You just need to check the leakage.

3. It takes a strong human being to always be looking for good. Be that tough human being.

4. Talk to yourself. Your need to scroll Instagram would vanish.

5. To walk your own path requires courage. It isn’t disrespectful of anyone, as long as you are not disrespecting them.

6. To stay silent in a throng of un-wise words is a measure of immense inner power.

7. To speak your truth even when your voice shakes is being powerful (again).

8. Standing for yourself isn’t selfish.

9. Being there to understand is a mark of an understanding human being.

10. It is very very easy to get caught up in the celebrity and blitz of the world, share the photographs of “your perfect world” and the new things you bought. If you do not use social media to generate this triviality in others nor to consume it yourself, you’re already ahead of the majority of the world.

Small reminders. Small life. Make your time worth it! 😇

The Quiz

Today I attended a quiz. Strangers quiz. Organised by Shakti Shetty – the Zomato copywriting guy. With random people. Just out of the blue. Because why not? Let’s make the full use of Zoom barabar Zoom.

Was fun. You had to connect the dots.

The fun lied not in knowing, rather in the process of figuring things out.

  1. He made a wonderful, neat presentation with questions and answers.
  2. Not only that, different slides used different templates.
  3. If you interrupted someone else, you lose your marks.
  4. Why I loved the quiz was because Shakti is as real as he could get. He doesn’t use stuff like “Thank you so much for all the love” or “I am so happy for the wonderful fun here” or “any internet mumbo jumbo that all of us ‘aspiring’ famous people have coined ourselves to.” Just human. Just real. A fan of his art (that is always visible in his words and Insta stories) for life.
  5. Most importantly, it’s such an amazing feeling to connect with strangers, forgetting all your worries of the world, and come together just to have fun. Something that we have forgotten in this rat-race of figuring things out.

Would be attending more in the future! Yayyy!

When you don’t know

When you don’t know, you still know.

It’s just a question of going deep within.

Let’s say you don’t know what to do when a friend does not respond to an important message of yours.

When you say: “I don’t know,” it is rather you deciding to overlook the option of staying calm mentally as well as physically.

The journey is never of the answer. The journey is of acceptance. You know it. When you do, how are you going to handle it? Most of us don’t know how to handle ourselves. Learning that, is the goal.

How you doin?

Your idol is doing something you don’t want to be doing.

The world is telling you to do that just doesn’t feel right!

Someone in the extended family is teaching how to betray others.

Everyone has their opinions and what they say is right where they are.

You do your own thing. Not because it’s hard. Rather because it’s difficult to be like someone else. When you are you, you will work harder than it is required, and you will feel zero fatigue because you are living by your own values.

Even if it is the same boring stuff every time, you know when you know.

The measure of goodness

What if you shout at everyone at work and at home, and think you are a good person just because you are kind to people in a temple?

Your personality is defined by what you do consistently, everywhere.

If your personality changes and becomes different at different places, that’s conditional formatting.

That isn’t you.

The question, to consider then, is this: “Who or what you are in your most comfortable space?”

Do you want to retain that part of you or does it need some alteration?

Don’t think of change, think of who do you wish to become when that change becomes a part of you.

Think of you-ing, versus you-doing.