Some random jokes

Been sitting next to a new room heater. The RHS of me is in Mumbai now, while the LHS is in Delhi, while me sitting in Rajasthan.


Had gud+cashew as a mid meal snack. My fingers are greasy, helps with a smooth zoom out on the trackpad.


If you want to feel really hot, keep your laptop on your lap. 100% tried and  tested super effective technique!


How to distinguish an amateur from a pro?
A pro is someone who has enabled “Add Space After Paragraph” in a doc, instead of pressing “Enter” twice.


Desi culture is
Moms being okay with kids carrying
heavy bags of groceries or even suitcases

But not trusting them to lift a pressure cooker at home.

Tu gira degi!


That’s it folks! Worked whole day on it 🙂

Chalo, have a great Sunday!

That chat with a friend

Last weekend, I was having a casual chat with a writer friend.

After exchanging pleasantries, I thanked him for helping me bag a wonderful client, to which he responded, “Thanks to YOU, it’s your hard work.” And thus, we continued being humble.

As the conversation proceeded, he told me he had also applied for a writing engagement, which was finally bagged by me.

Those words of him just moved me. Here I was, getting envious of the number of clients and interesting assignments he has, and here he was, perhaps having the same emotion as me.

Too often, we take the most important things in life for granted.

The work that brings food on our plate.
The parents (no matter how weird they are) that make us fight for our existence 🙂
The friends who make us realise we aren’t alone.
The colleagues and clients who understand us when we had expected to be fired.
And most importantly, counting the endless blessings in our life when the Life we have today was the life we had dreamt of years ago.

How will we get more and be more if we aren’t grateful for what we have already been blessed with?

Thank you, my dear friend, your humility was always an inspiration for me. Now you are an inspiration to be grateful for my blessings. You rock! Like always 🙂

The Quiz

Today I attended a quiz. Strangers quiz. Organised by Shakti Shetty – the Zomato copywriting guy. With random people. Just out of the blue. Because why not? Let’s make the full use of Zoom barabar Zoom.

Was fun. You had to connect the dots.

The fun lied not in knowing, rather in the process of figuring things out.

  1. He made a wonderful, neat presentation with questions and answers.
  2. Not only that, different slides used different templates.
  3. If you interrupted someone else, you lose your marks.
  4. Why I loved the quiz was because Shakti is as real as he could get. He doesn’t use stuff like “Thank you so much for all the love” or “I am so happy for the wonderful fun here” or “any internet mumbo jumbo that all of us ‘aspiring’ famous people have coined ourselves to.” Just human. Just real. A fan of his art (that is always visible in his words and Insta stories) for life.
  5. Most importantly, it’s such an amazing feeling to connect with strangers, forgetting all your worries of the world, and come together just to have fun. Something that we have forgotten in this rat-race of figuring things out.

Would be attending more in the future! Yayyy!