A secret about my marriage

Nine years ago, in 2011, my elder sister was getting married.
I was twenty at the time. And I hated marriage. (I still do :D)

A day before marriage, our aunt (masi) brought her a bowl of hand-pounded halwa. It was basically made of roti crushed through hand, along with sugar and loads of ghee. The purpose was to make sure that the bride remains strong and healthy while going through the wedding ceremonies.

As my sister was having it, my masi and I were sitting next to her. This sweet preparation was also to be eaten by someone who was to get married next. And I clearly wasn’t the one, given my age as well as worldviews.

Still I ate that yummy thing. It was so delicious, and I was going through her wedding tiredness more than her 🙂

But of course, eating that preparation didn’t end up getting me married, as it is believed to be so.
Several years later on my cousin’s marriage, I was purposefully given that preparation so I got married. I had that dry-fruits and sweet-filled preparation happily, enjoyed it and forgot about it.

The best part is, I am still unmarried. Not as a “side-effect” of those sweet-preparations (lol), rather out of choice.
How can a life decision be dependent on eating something?

This helps to understand, that the next time we are given a belief that is going on for long, it pays to not believe it. While still making the best of it 🙂

Some random jokes

Been sitting next to a new room heater. The RHS of me is in Mumbai now, while the LHS is in Delhi, while me sitting in Rajasthan.


Had gud+cashew as a mid meal snack. My fingers are greasy, helps with a smooth zoom out on the trackpad.


If you want to feel really hot, keep your laptop on your lap. 100% tried and  tested super effective technique!


How to distinguish an amateur from a pro?
A pro is someone who has enabled “Add Space After Paragraph” in a doc, instead of pressing “Enter” twice.


Desi culture is
Moms being okay with kids carrying
heavy bags of groceries or even suitcases

But not trusting them to lift a pressure cooker at home.

Tu gira degi!


That’s it folks! Worked whole day on it 🙂

Chalo, have a great Sunday!