I have finally arrived 😂

I have been creating content for more than five years now.

It was only yesterday that I realised that I have finally arrived. I wrote a post on LinkedIn that said:

“Changing WhatsApp DPs often is a sign of an unstable mind.”

Lo and behold, what trolling comments I got yesterday! My first troll series 🙂

And the best part is, there were bigger number of likes for that post. That is the nature of goodness. It is always in bigger numbers, just that it doesn’t need any evidence to back itself off.

On that note, if you don’t feel offended, let me ask you: How often do you change your WhatsApp DPS?

Some random jokes

Been sitting next to a new room heater. The RHS of me is in Mumbai now, while the LHS is in Delhi, while me sitting in Rajasthan.


Had gud+cashew as a mid meal snack. My fingers are greasy, helps with a smooth zoom out on the trackpad.


If you want to feel really hot, keep your laptop on your lap. 100% tried and  tested super effective technique!


How to distinguish an amateur from a pro?
A pro is someone who has enabled “Add Space After Paragraph” in a doc, instead of pressing “Enter” twice.


Desi culture is
Moms being okay with kids carrying
heavy bags of groceries or even suitcases

But not trusting them to lift a pressure cooker at home.

Tu gira degi!


That’s it folks! Worked whole day on it 🙂

Chalo, have a great Sunday!