The measure of goodness

What if you shout at everyone at work and at home, and think you are a good person just because you are kind to people in a temple?

Your personality is defined by what you do consistently, everywhere.

If your personality changes and becomes different at different places, that’s conditional formatting.

That isn’t you.

The question, to consider then, is this: “Who or what you are in your most comfortable space?”

Do you want to retain that part of you or does it need some alteration?

Don’t think of change, think of who do you wish to become when that change becomes a part of you.

Think of you-ing, versus you-doing.


Do you know why people enjoy Netflix and other streaming services?

Do you know why people go for YouTube Premium?

Do you know why people get their car tanker filled up when they leave the city for a long drive?

Do you know why people book return tickets for their journeys?

Do you know what is the reason people want to spend so much time with their families?

Here’s the answer: Unrestricted.

Everything above is unrestricted and therefore, very appealing and promising.

What if you made your state of mind like this?

This is not impossible, it is simply a choice. A choice to get away from people (including family and friends) who bring you down. Simply don’t care and keep working on yourself with blessing them. IDC and I appreciate you.

Your unrestricted life requires unrestricted goodness and zero opposites.

Sounds good?