Layers of self doubt

  1. You are confident of yourself.
  2. Others are not confident of yourself.
  3. You start doubting yourself.
  4. Others magnify that.
  5. You step back, and after a lot of hard work, get self confidence back.

And then you realise, the best way to deal with self doubt is to create your confidence in isolation without worrying about what others think of you.

And that’s awesome 🙂

Will they support you?

One of the best learnings that covid brought to us is not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Warren Buffet has been saying it for years.

Not only for finances, also for our emotions and sources of income.

More than anything else, we have learnt never to depend on external validation (malls, restaurants, movies,etc.) for making us feel.

Will they support you is not the right question.

The right question is, will you support yourself?

Success is taking too much time…

If success is taking too much time for you to unfold, it’s not because you are incapable.

It’s perhaps because somewhere, inside your head, you still don’t believe that you deserve this success. And since you don’t believe it, your belief always comes true.

We talk about self confidence.

What about self confidence for success? When you have it, you will know it will move mountains.

Bonus Point: Self confidence comes from doing the work.


Sometimes, go against what you normally do.

Sometimes, smile at the person who irks you.

Sometimes, bless the person who has caused you the maximum pain.

Sometimes, just let people fly away with the credit.

Sometimes, sleep earlier than usual.

Sometimes, skip scrolling Instagram.

Sometimes, sit back and enjoy your life at home.

Sometimes, let others know their opinions matter.

Sometimes, just life be, instead of “doing” life.

How to have acute clarity

Clarity, is clearly one of the biggest jewels of life.

When you have clarity, you don’t give a damn about what others think, because you are well on your own path, and that’s what matters.

However, what do you do when you don’t know what’s there in your path?

More that that, how do you have that confidence to march there freely?

Here’s a way I could help you out.