Do you have any evidence to support this?

This was a random question by one of my smart school friends on one of my tweets.

It got me thinking.

Not to think of what to respond, rather to think of where we have landed ourselves.

We want evidences of thoughts we think intuitively.
We want to buy a car recommended by most people.
We want to wear the brand our boss wears because subconsciously it would make us look cool in front of him.
We want to send our kid to the school that promises best education, unmindful of the fact that the best schooling happens at home.
We want to…

All these are good wants. But that’s all they are. Wants.
They override the innate need that we all have: Needs.

One of our fundamental human needs is listening to our intuition. It will never have evidences. Nor does it want any. It is full by itself not having to want (or need) any validation.

Are you still “fat”?

As a kid, a neighbourhood uncle used to call me “moti”, which is a Hindi translation for “fat girl”.

Not that I was fat, rather because as I introspect now, that was merely a reflection of his un-developed brain’s immunopsychological response to bringing people down.

People do it all the time:

You don’t appear happy, while in reality, they aren’t.
I can’t love you, because being devoid of love was how I was raised, and changing myself is a mammoth task.
I won’t update my LinkedIn profile and network with people, because struggling to find a job is how I finally get a job, and that struggle keeps me safe.

The blankets we throw at others are virtually the ones we are covering ourselves with.

Which brings me to this neighbourhood Uncle.
So when he used to address me “Moti” as a kid, I used to retaliate. Get angry. Cry. Scream. Literally beg not to call me moti.

Today morning, while returning from my meditation class, that Uncle saw me again. And he called me “moti” thrice. And I moved on, without responding.

Sometimes, what we were years back, we don’t drift from there even a bit.
I’m glad I wasn’t that today morning.
I feel for him that he hasn’t grown a bit in years.

So, my question to you is: “Are you still fat,” where “fat” means the thickness of the brain that makes it almost impossible for new knowledge to percolate?

Or have you lost that weight and become lean, where you allow the new muscles to form and happily let go of the stagnant ones?

Is your education worth it?

Back in my school days, rather for the entire time of my formal education, I was a top scoring student.

  • How many of real world skills are dependent on the numbers you got?
  • Yes, your marks gave you a kick-start at the beginning of your career, however, did they decide your entire future? Never.
  • We all have countless examples of back-benchers who went out to do amazing things in life, then why do we still place so much importance on formal education?


Goodbyes are the most beautiful things on the planet.

When we know we have to say a goodbye, all of a sudden we tend to forget what pain they caused us.

We suddenly feel regret on the pains we know we caused to them.

Why does it happen in the first place?

It happens, because we humans tend to live life on the pedestals of tomorrow.

Will make that call tomorrow.

Will call my sister tomorrow.

Will pay the credit card bill tomorrow.

The way we love tomorrow, if we loved our today the same way – no goodbye would be so painful.

Here’s a parting question: Where in your life would we feel bad, if we didn’t get a chance to say a goodbye?

Remember the postcard?

Every single day we have, we say more than what we speak.

Most people believe people judge them by what they speak. Speaking doesn’t generate trust. It’s just a validation of who you are.

What you don’t say and do it, decides what people will think of you.

Who you are inside, people will always know about it. Never an exception.

What you are speaks so loudly to me that I can barely hear what you say.


The question, then, is not “how do I make myself liked by them?”

The question is “how do I be the same inside and outside?”

Like a postcard. Not an envelope.

To know more and better

We think we know everything.

Maybe we are right.

Until we are not.

The best way to challenge our assumptions is to start knowing more.

To know more means you don’t know everything. Which is a beautiful place to be.

What if we challenge our assumptions? Not our beliefs and values, rather our assumptions.

And the virtuous cycle continues!

Success is taking too much time…

If success is taking too much time for you to unfold, it’s not because you are incapable.

It’s perhaps because somewhere, inside your head, you still don’t believe that you deserve this success. And since you don’t believe it, your belief always comes true.

We talk about self confidence.

What about self confidence for success? When you have it, you will know it will move mountains.

Bonus Point: Self confidence comes from doing the work.

Being effective

If knowledge were power, everyone would be powerful, especially in this era of internet.

Then why isn’t everyone powerful?

Because of two reasons:

1. People don’t implement.

2. Before sharing knowledge, people don’t sit back and radiate power to others. If they did that, everyone else would feel it and life would be more powerful, less powerless.

Isn’t this is what you are looking for?

How to achieve anything

You want to be successful.

The problem is, all winners AND losers want to be.

The way, then, to figure out the fact that you will be a winner is this:

Learn a lot. The one who has abundance of knowledge and applies it, is the one who can achieve anything.

Go to someone who has coined themselves as a failure, and there will be only one gap: they are not apt and fulfilled and consistent and relentless and relevant on their learning.

When the switch happens at the point of being knowledgable, success is an inevitable byproduct.