Goodbyes are the most beautiful things on the planet.

When we know we have to say a goodbye, all of a sudden we tend to forget what pain they caused us.

We suddenly feel regret on the pains we know we caused to them.

Why does it happen in the first place?

It happens, because we humans tend to live life on the pedestals of tomorrow.

Will make that call tomorrow.

Will call my sister tomorrow.

Will pay the credit card bill tomorrow.

The way we love tomorrow, if we loved our today the same way – no goodbye would be so painful.

Here’s a parting question: Where in your life would we feel bad, if we didn’t get a chance to say a goodbye?

They got “lucky”

That’s true, someone else did get lucky.

That’s true, they got “lucky” because they’ve done some great deeds in the past.

Since you can’t change their past and your past, the way forward is to make your “future-past” better.

In the future, your past is going to be what’s your present in the moment.

What you do today, will be your past tomorrow.

What are you going to do today, create a new “today” or mourn over what’s not working?


Sit back and chill

Who here waits for the weekend to come and binge watch Netflix?

Who is waiting for money to come while you are visualising and doing nothing?

Who is getting jealous of their friends and waiting they fail?

Sit and talk with yourself.

Raise your energy levels, because someone with zero followers, if they copy an Influencer’s content, they are never going to get traction.

Traction and loyalty is earned. Earn it. Let people know who you are, one drop at a time.

It will happen when you mercilessly cut back time on what’s not important to you.

Time is going by. If you wait for the right time, maybe no tomorrow would occur.