When nothing is working good

There are times you don’t feel good.

There are times when people aren’t happy with your happiness.

There are times when people want to control you.

Amidst all this, just remember:

  • Someone somewhere is struggling against huge uncontrollable fires.
  • Someone just got to know they’re suffering from terminal disease.
  • Someone just lost a young kid.
  • Someone wanted to say “I love you” to their father yet couldn’t.

Now go handle your life’s situations with gratitude.

They got “lucky”

That’s true, someone else did get lucky.

That’s true, they got “lucky” because they’ve done some great deeds in the past.

Since you can’t change their past and your past, the way forward is to make your “future-past” better.

In the future, your past is going to be what’s your present in the moment.

What you do today, will be your past tomorrow.

What are you going to do today, create a new “today” or mourn over what’s not working?