Exhaustion, even physical, is mental exhaustion.

Btw, today my therapist said something quite cool: Even though you did something that was not legit, your pain, your emotions, what you went through was legit.

You did what you knew best. Now you know better, so now you are doing better. But then that is what you knew the best. And you did whatever you could.

Then what’s the point of blaming yourself for something that you did with lack of awareness years ago?

That was helpful. And exhausting as well maybe. But sort of loving our sessions 🙂

To know more and better

We think we know everything.

Maybe we are right.

Until we are not.

The best way to challenge our assumptions is to start knowing more.

To know more means you don’t know everything. Which is a beautiful place to be.

What if we challenge our assumptions? Not our beliefs and values, rather our assumptions.

And the virtuous cycle continues!


No one ranked better because they shouted more. Okay, in the short term, they did.

No one became great because they took away credit for someone else’s creativity.

Absolutely no one ever won because they were great at making others feel like losers.

The way to getting better, is to get better.

The way to rising higher, is to make others rise as well.

The way to eternal goodness, is the eternal goodness for all.