I got goodies!

Have you seen those celebrities showing gifts given to them by merchants – in their Insta stories?

I also felt the same, when a client sent me his protein shake, hot chocolate and tea as a token of gratitude for our working engagement together.

Mazaa aa gaya 🙂

However, beyond that, there were some cool customer relationship things that I learnt:

  1. Nothing was wrapped in plastic. Everything in perfectly-sized cardboard boxes with their name and branding.
  2. Every pack had a small satin bag containing 2-3 discount cards as well as dhoop batti with a wonderful aroma. Talk customer care.
  3. They cater to the premium segment and have based the entire packaging around that. While someone may argue that it is not worth the price, however, price is not only the product. Price is an experience. And they took wonderful care of understanding who their customer is.

On that note, protein shakes are being consumed by yours truly after workout and hot chocolate will be used for baking cake. And since it is pre-ready masala tea (containing milk powder as well) – which my Mom doesn’t like, so offered it to a friend who also loves such premium products.

Win-win 🙂

Giving up on trends

Okay, so I have finally decided to give up on creating Insta reels.

Not because I can’t.
Rather because it is distracting.

Creating a video requires a lot of effort. And a lot of screen time. Which is not the best use of my time.

Also, as I thought deeper, even if my reels get viral, even if I become a great influencer because of reels, even if each reel of mine hits a million views, I am encouraging mini content which anyway has very little impact for inducing change in viewers. Especially on a platform like Instagram where everything is designed to make you waste your time and kill your attention, I want to be someone who actually makes people NOT waste their time by creating text-only images.

The best part? They can be scheduled through Facebook Creator instead of actually installing the app.

So maybe yes, reels are trending. However, I am way happy with working on LinkedIn and Twitter, while creating text-only pics on Instagram. Instead of working on “virality”, I’ll work on my originality and let my tribe fall in love with who I really am – a words girl, not a video girl 🙂

The search bar

The search bar is good. It helps us find what we are looking for.

Except when its disastrous. Like in case of Instagram.

If you are someone who sees their time go by, simply track how much of your time was spent navigating the search bar on Instagram.

Don’t say it was for entertainment. The real entertainment is in getting bored. If you are getting to a place of getting bored and not going to the Instagram search bar, you are going to the search bar of your life.

That’s cracking the best code ever!

Few less-known ways of how we waste time

Here’s how we waste time (and where we shouldn’t):

  1. Checking social media for a minute and ending up wasting fifteen. Seven times a day.
  2. Thinking waste thoughts (no matter how much truth they hold).
  3. Stalking Virat and Anushka on Instagram.
  4. Thinking your parents did all the less-than-happening things to you, and you can’t change them now.
  5. Gossiping about that weakling in the group.
  6. Talking loudly (because it wastes energy, which in turn leaves less energy for important tasks which in turn, wastes energy).
  7. Watching Big Boss.
  8. Calling people (Bro, why do email and WhatsApp exist?)
  9. Listening to aunties chit chat
  10. Watching movies. (No matter how good a movie is, it keeps you hooked. Reading books is the rarest and the most precious gem of all. Always.)

About what you are doing

Instagram stories shows the world what you are doing.

The only problem being: no one really gets happy on seeing the fact that you are doing great, and they aren’t!

The point then, is to have a life that others would want to draw inspiration and action from, instead of just allowing them to tap tap tap and criticise you and go away.

It’s a difficult process – to go away from what the world likes towards what they really really want.

The only easy process is eating mindlessly. Everything else takes efforts.


Sometimes, go against what you normally do.

Sometimes, smile at the person who irks you.

Sometimes, bless the person who has caused you the maximum pain.

Sometimes, just let people fly away with the credit.

Sometimes, sleep earlier than usual.

Sometimes, skip scrolling Instagram.

Sometimes, sit back and enjoy your life at home.

Sometimes, let others know their opinions matter.

Sometimes, just life be, instead of “doing” life.

Scared of change?

Life is changing so much.

A lot of us started with Orkut, followed by Facebook. Now is the dominant Instagram, with TikTok taking over.

The power you have on your cellphone is more powerful than that a President had three decades back.

There is, however, one thing that remains constant from the day you were born till the date you leave this body.

I’ll talk about it in today’s podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

The need for attention

Go to your favourite influencer on Instagram and you’ll discover they reached here by ton of hard work and patience.

Even the teenagers with massive following have been doing “their thing” since their childhood, perhaps even as toddlers.

Time is a scarce resource, and people want to leverage it to get instant gratification; along with wasting it on the side.

Read the above line again.

And when you do realise the value of time and the value of building an (online or offline) asset, start dedicating the rest of your life to creating it.

Your intuition and your ability to create consistent value matter much more than the viral videos that are forgotten as easily as tiny amount of cheese is forgotten in a pizza.