Why a blog?

Why choose writing a blog – when you can be famous on Instagram Reels?

Because writing makes you a better thinker.
It distills the cloud in your head and gives it clarity.
More than anything else, it makes you know yourself better.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a career in writing or not.
But if you write daily, you career is definitely going to be higher because of writing.

For me, I’ve been writing here for several years now. A blog a day. To make myself a better thinker. And to know myself.

The world wouldn’t be any different if I wouldn’t write. But I am different. Which, in turn, makes the world different.

A note on remote thinking

For almost half a year, we’ve all been working remotely. While the new world comes along with its advantages and disadvantages, there is something under the covers we fail to see:

Since we lack communication, we fall in the trap of assuming. That assumption is often towards the negative side.

Perhaps we can’t have more communication with others anyway.

So why not start having those with our own selves? Why not start figuring out the most powerful meanings, when the meaning is up to us? Why do we have to just go the negative way?

Think. Believe. Act.

The title of this blog is not an OC. Yet, we all have read this literature about this thing called Law of Attraction.

What we think about, we bring about.

What we go through a lot in our heads, we get it.

What we believe, we materialise.

Think what do you want, what do you want the world to be and look like, and those thoughts, created over and over and over again, will create the reality we all are so heartily waiting for.

But no one understands me!

Maybe that’s true, that no one understands you.

Maybe even this is true, that this has been going on for long.

While this has been going on for long, why do you think it has been taking so long?

The answer lies in sitting back and reflecting. Maybe we need to sit back and start getting honest with the person in the mirror.

If you don’t know in which direction you’re walking, isn’t it going to be pretty impossible to reach your destination?

Right now, just right now, sit back and reflect on your life in the present, before moving on to the next distraction? If you have a minute for yourself…

The least used asset

Bob Proctor said in a YouTube video, most people, if they were asked what they were thinking, would go blank.

Thinking is a muscle, and the more you use it, the lesser you need to depend on the outside world to judge your life situations.

In this world of AI and bots, the only way to have a living is to use your least used asset: the power of thinking.

You aren’t getting this life again, just in case you forgot.

What’s the price?

“What’s the price?”

Most of us have been brought up and made to practice the above phrase.

…which is often relevant. However, not always.

If your financial needs were taken care of and you were invited for an internship with Steve Jobs (if he were alive) for zero stipend, would you still go for the money thing?

Think about value. Think about building your brand. Think about thinking long term and macro versus short term and micro.