How past trauma affects work

Someone I know was in a bad relationship in the past.
Multiple traumatic experiences with the same guy.
He used to leave her, then come and physically and mentally exploit her, and the chain continued for several years.

Until one day she finally got the courage to get up and leave.

But you know what, this trauma continued for several years in her work as well.

She believed she was not deserving of getting her needs met at work, so she wanted to leave from work at the tiniest of discomfort.
She never went up to talk to her clients or bosses, because she was never spoken to in the most intimate relationships.
More than anything else, if anyone at work praised her work, she felt it was a lie just like the guy “loved” her and went away multiple times.

Here’s the truth: When you look at that guy, his social media profiles, his work background, he comes across as an Angel. Like no one could be as divine as him. Yet he is the cause of someone else’s deepest trauma.

Sometimes it helps to see that our desire for needs becomes someone’s long-term pain. Are we ready to bear the consequence of that karma?

But no one understands me!

Maybe that’s true, that no one understands you.

Maybe even this is true, that this has been going on for long.

While this has been going on for long, why do you think it has been taking so long?

The answer lies in sitting back and reflecting. Maybe we need to sit back and start getting honest with the person in the mirror.

If you don’t know in which direction you’re walking, isn’t it going to be pretty impossible to reach your destination?

Right now, just right now, sit back and reflect on your life in the present, before moving on to the next distraction? If you have a minute for yourself…