The light

The light is always there.

Beyond the clouds when the flight takes off.

After the dawn.

Inside a book.

Everywhere there is the light.

We just need to let it know that it is important. It is needed. It is powerful.

But no one understands me!

Maybe that’s true, that no one understands you.

Maybe even this is true, that this has been going on for long.

While this has been going on for long, why do you think it has been taking so long?

The answer lies in sitting back and reflecting. Maybe we need to sit back and start getting honest with the person in the mirror.

If you don’t know in which direction you’re walking, isn’t it going to be pretty impossible to reach your destination?

Right now, just right now, sit back and reflect on your life in the present, before moving on to the next distraction? If you have a minute for yourself…

Is “everything” good?

You and I have come across this several times: Everything that happens is perfect and for the good.

Then, why do people get upset at the outset of things not happening right?

Because they want to control it. They want to have the certainty, unbeknownst of the fact that it’s the uncertainty yet faith in the sun and rain that makes the crops grow.

If you go back to any situation of your past, most certainly you would find yourself contented today, with what happened.

If future can give you the capacity to accept the past, then the present has even more capacity to allow you to accept, that:

Everything will ultimately turn out to be good.

I deserved better

“I deserved better.”

When you say it, a lot of the times it is the truth. Maybe you did deserve better.

The question, now, is:

One, if it was up to someone else to decide, did you communicate it to them?

Two, if it was up to you, did you sit down to analyse how you could have made it better or marketed it better?

You did deserve better, all truth.

Did you make the best of the present of the present or did you dwell on the past that has already passed?

The “after” feeling

If you think it’s easy for pro’s to get up and do the workout daily, you’re wrong.

No one, absolutely no one wants to go through the grind.

They still go through it, because the feeling that comes after the hard work, is unmatchable.

Don’t go with what you are going through. Go with what you want to go through.

Focus on power of future versus what pain it brings in the present.