It’s over

That weird thing happened years ago.

Someone played with your heart 12 years ago.

Someone threw you out of their life 11 years ago.

Someone told you that you were not needed, 10 years ago.

Learn the lessons, forget the memory.
Allow yourself to heal, but do not allow that person again.
Be at peace and ease with past, but do not allow it to add to the present its cast.

Did you have a good childhood?

I see a lot of parents of my generation who still teach their kids what to do and what not to do.

That’s the saddest thing to happen.

Because we are creating another version of ourselves.

And we won’t be doing it in the first place if we were proud of what we have become.

Our parents’ generation did not have as many privileges as we have.

Not using the privileges that we have, is probably worse than not having privileges.


Today an Amazon packet was to be delivered. The boy reached on the ground floor, and called.

Since I didn’t receive, I immediately called back, however was unreachable.

So I went to the balcony of our first floor home, and saw him.

He asked for my name first. I responded. Then he asked for his number that flashed on to my screen. Then he even asked for my number that was there on the package. For no reasons, no one has ever done that.

A part of me wanted to get angry at him. However, I told myself: “He must also be in pain for going out and meeting so many people in these conditions. More so, maybe he had lost a valuable packet in the past for not doing due diligence.”

This suddenly stopped me from getting angry. And gave me perspective.

We choose our emotions. And then, those emotions choose us.

The abuse

For a kid, the parents would never abuse them.

Until they do. For every interaction they have with their kids.

The abuse, sadly, is something which could not be filtered for profanity because it does not use profane words.

It comes in mild words and powerful programming like:

“You won’t be able to do it.”

“Don’t do this. You will fail.”

“You are no good.”

Parents keep telling this to kids, until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

None of us had a perfect childhood. That’s not the problem, that’s the solution.

Because now we have the pen to write the script. As difficult as it may sound, we all write our script daily.

We may choose the script today. Since it is presumably not going to be a repeated one, it is going to take efforts. Yet without efforts, do you want your today to be equally self abusive?


When we were there, you don’t know what happened…

I went through such a big hell…

There was a crisis…

You don’t know what tragedy I went through…

I wish that didn’t happen…

While all of the above is the biggest truth, and while you may have been through a big hell, just remember this:

“More you dig out dirt, more you will be the first one to bear its foul smell.”

Are you sure you wanna live your entire life like that?

Is “everything” good?

You and I have come across this several times: Everything that happens is perfect and for the good.

Then, why do people get upset at the outset of things not happening right?

Because they want to control it. They want to have the certainty, unbeknownst of the fact that it’s the uncertainty yet faith in the sun and rain that makes the crops grow.

If you go back to any situation of your past, most certainly you would find yourself contented today, with what happened.

If future can give you the capacity to accept the past, then the present has even more capacity to allow you to accept, that:

Everything will ultimately turn out to be good.

I deserved better

“I deserved better.”

When you say it, a lot of the times it is the truth. Maybe you did deserve better.

The question, now, is:

One, if it was up to someone else to decide, did you communicate it to them?

Two, if it was up to you, did you sit down to analyse how you could have made it better or marketed it better?

You did deserve better, all truth.

Did you make the best of the present of the present or did you dwell on the past that has already passed?