Comma, Full stop or question mark?

When we use a comma, the latter part of the sentence elaborates the former.

In case of an exclamation, there is surprise.

In case of question mark, there is dissatisfaction.

A full stop is the fullest way of expression. Whatever has happened, has happened. Be easy and bring a full stop to it. (Because other ways of comma, exclamation and question mark never generated a response anyway.)

Why not try a full stop now?

Try a full stop.


Anxiety is tricky.

The game is to make yourself never have anxiety.

The game is to play the game in the first place.

The game is to bring your best game.

The game of life is to be so busy that anxiety does not get to enter you.

The game is to be easy while being so busy that you know you are above all the situations life could offer you.

The game is to trick the game of anxiety, by being resilient when you don’t need it in the first place.


When we were there, you don’t know what happened…

I went through such a big hell…

There was a crisis…

You don’t know what tragedy I went through…

I wish that didn’t happen…

While all of the above is the biggest truth, and while you may have been through a big hell, just remember this:

“More you dig out dirt, more you will be the first one to bear its foul smell.”

Are you sure you wanna live your entire life like that?