One truth of life no one will tell you

You want to know the most important truth of life?

Don’t tell anyone about your progress. Just keep working hard and adding feathers to your cap.

But don’t pronounce it out loud. Even the ones who love you the most secretly start questioning you.

You may believe this. Or taste this yourself.

Wish you a secretly successful life 🙂

Making a career move

Someone reached out to me on LinkedIn yesterday, and really appreciated my decision of moving from a well-established job of an Internal Auditor, to full-time content writer.

A lot of people remark that it is a courageous move, however here’s my take:

(PS: This is a stoic move, not the I worked really hard part. We’ll cover that part later:D)

– God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform (Truly remarked Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich)

– If you have worked really hard and are doing it daily, the Law of thoughts will always be there for you.

– This also means, that the opposite of a good thought will also affect us, if we are really willing to listen.

If you don’t believe this, read it again. And you will see the difference.

The cliché in winning

Everyone wants to win.

Not everyone wants to work.

Everyone wants the Law of Attraction to work.

Not everyone wants to work.

Everyone wants more clients.

Not everyone wants to go cold emailing and forming relationships on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Everyone wants to be famous.

Not everyone wants to be kind and hardworking to get there.

Be the one, who is “not” that everyone.


Who does not want to leave a legacy? Everyone wants to.

Who does not want to work? A lot of people.

That’s the correlation we need to draw.

No one likes accidents. So an accident of fate should also not like you. The fate and the fortune should be something you should deserve, either by being born in a royal family (happens rarely) or by starting from zero and creating it all the way up.

Work is the secret to legacy. Go work people, and see how enjoyment happens amazingly.