Is it really a win?

The world thinks you’re winning.
But deep down, you are crying.

The world thinks they are jealous of you.
Deep down, you just wish you could not be you.

The world thinks you are a butterfly
While you are simply getting out of cocoons everyday

The world thinks your life is sorted
Well, that’s what you think of the world…

If you win according to the world but not you
Is that really a win?

The win that you are looking for
Is the win that is hidden within

In a corner of your heart that is silent and loud
Lies cuddled up the win that you went looking far for

The cliché in winning

Everyone wants to win.

Not everyone wants to work.

Everyone wants the Law of Attraction to work.

Not everyone wants to work.

Everyone wants more clients.

Not everyone wants to go cold emailing and forming relationships on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Everyone wants to be famous.

Not everyone wants to be kind and hardworking to get there.

Be the one, who is “not” that everyone.

The absolute win

There’s an absolute certainty of winning.

When? When you don’t focus on winning in the first place.

You get an unprecedented leverage when you stop being concerned about what others are doing or thinking.

Your total focus is on being the best you could be.

When that’s your focus, there is no one who could knock you off.

That’s when you’ve already won.