Chinta na kar, ye pal bhi beet jayega

Chinta na kar.
Ye pal bhi beet jayega.

Wo aansuon ki dhaara
Wo samay ka ishara
Wo beparwah awara
Ye pal bhi beet jayega

Khud pe bharosa rakh ke to dekh
Apni baatein khud se kar ke to dekh
Khushi ko apna banaa ke to dekh
Khushi bhi teri mohtaj ban jayegi
Aur ye pal bhi beet jayega

Wo apne jo paraaye ho gaye
Wo paraaye jo kabhi apne the hi nahi
Wo kisse jo puraane ho gaye
Wo hisse jo kabhi apne the hi nahi
In begaani si baaton me
Tujhe khud ka sahara mil jayega
Chinta na kar
Ye pal bhi beet jayega

Wo toote sapne
Wo jhoothe vaade
Wo dard bhare din
Wo sooni raatein
Sabko intezaar hai to sirf ek baat ka
Ki tu kab
Beete hue kal ko chhorkar
Aane waale pal ke geet gayega
Chinta na kar
Ye pal bhi beet jayega

Wo tera khushi se jhoom uthna
Wo khud par vishwas mein pahaad ulta dena
Na duniya ki chinta
Na apno ka dar
Kuch tere paas tha
To wo tha junoon har pahar
Ye khoya khoya samay bhi vapas jayega
Chinta na kar
Ye pal bhi beet jayega

Ye pal bhi beet jayega
Ye pal bhi beet jayega

Loving the sacrifice

Sometimes people say I sacrifice my Netflix and late night binge watching to rise early.
Or why do you workout and avoid all the junk foods?
Why don’t you work full time, and why is family time more important to you?

All these are sacrifices.

Sacrifices are good.
Because from those we create our destiny.

When we sacrifice Netflix, we create a destiny of peace and a good eyesight and a powerful brain.
When we sacrifice junk food, we create a destiny of a healthy and fit body.
When we “sacrifice” full work and spend some time with family, we create a destiny of joy and happiness.

It’s not sacrifice.
It is a creation of a happy future.

It is not a trade off.
It is creating a trade with yourself.

It is not lacking something.
It is accessing all that you have.

Sacrifices create happiness.

Is it really a win?

The world thinks you’re winning.
But deep down, you are crying.

The world thinks they are jealous of you.
Deep down, you just wish you could not be you.

The world thinks you are a butterfly
While you are simply getting out of cocoons everyday

The world thinks your life is sorted
Well, that’s what you think of the world…

If you win according to the world but not you
Is that really a win?

The win that you are looking for
Is the win that is hidden within

In a corner of your heart that is silent and loud
Lies cuddled up the win that you went looking far for

The leaking bucket

I was having this conversation with a client about why getting emotionally stronger is the most important thing today.

One of the questions I asked was what was one thing that took away their their happiness today?

Here’s what they responded:

“I had just had my last bite of lunch in office today, and as I finished, two colleagues came up.

In order to make sure they could get a table in peak lunch hours, one asked if I was not going to have a dessert (signalling me to get up).

As I got up with a frown on my face, the other colleague pulled away the chair immediately even without letting me get away from there.

This was so disrespectful.”

Totally agreed.

Btw, how many such people are we going to meet who do not care about what you care about? Perhaps many.

Make sure your life isn’t like this

If we keep on allowing people to create holes in our happiness, we go to our family at the end of the day with this leaking bucket and not enjoy with them either.

Why not experiment the other way?

Decide what’s more important for you:

Losing your calm to “teach” them something they aren’t going to learn anyways


Using your calm to teach yourself that your happiness and filled up bucket sans leakages and holes is most important thing for your most important people, i.e., your family.