So there are two ways

Way 1:

People may make mistakes. That’s why, when you make a rectification in the email, send a fresh email, instead of a top-up.

This is usually a “don’t use your brain because you don’t have one and I anyway don’t trust you” approach. No one grows with it.

Way 2:

Making people more attentive.

How? Through meditation at work (even WFH), no-work policy on weekends, and endorsing silence more than loudness.

The world, after all, is no different from we ought to have created it to be.

But I really want to be liked!

Validation is a sneaky game. It gets in through a hole underneath your main door, and makes you believe that it’s quintessentially the hero of your home.

Sadly, it sneaks in so softly that you don’t even realise that it has taken hold of you.

At some point of time, almost all of us have fallen into this need for validation. We believe that’s how life is supposed to be.

Wait, there’s a deeper side to it.

We need validation because we fear rejection.

We fear rejection because we think that we may not be liked by people we are most wanting to impress.

That feeling of not being liked, makes our ego shatter. It’s so deeply ingrained that at the time of needing validation, we’ve even forgotten that it’s the ego that is wanting to be liked.

When not liked, ego 0, reflection 1. That is a scary place to be. To see all your vulnerabilities surfaced and wanting them not to drown you, just scares the hell out of us.

What if, trying the other way round: Remembering that you’re whole and complete. If at any time you’re not liked by others, there are times when you’re liked by others.

Neither of these define who you are – it’s simply their perception.

Learn from feedback, let go of criticism, because inside you are perfect, outside we all are in the process of chipping away the non-required stuff.

I have no idea!

If you have ever been in a place where you’ve had no idea about what’s going on, consider the following:

• Are you allowing others to create your ideas?

• Are you making choices to impress others and yet hate the choices you’ve made?

• Are you eating more than what you should?

If you really want to move ahead in life, be your own teacher and correct yourself.

No one else is coming for your rescue. You already have the idea, you’re just ignoring it under the darkness of…you know under whose darkness.

Task unfinished

One of the reasons people don’t feel happy at the end of the day is because they left their important tasks undone.

Amidst jumping along from trivial tasks to responding to “important” messages, a lot of people feel unfulfilled at the end of the day.

How to tackle that feeling of feeling empty then, when you already know that is the first task you should do?

Make it simple in two steps:

1. Make it non-negotiable. Something you can’t live without. For me, for example, it’s meditating first thing in the morning. Make it as inevitable as breathing.

2. When you do it, get more addicted to the feeling – that is the very feeling that comes you alive.

Think over it, do you really want to live without that feeling?

Who cares?

If you think no one cares, think a little bit more.

Maybe you care too much to allow other people to drive that thought.

Here’s the thing: if you are in a powerful and peaceful state of mind, you will have a knack to give to others, versus asking them to care.

You’ll know they care, and you’ll know that because you take care or yourself.