Startup idea

An Uber/Ola comes to your place, and then you self-drive.

The cab waale Bhaiyas press brake without pressing the clutch or reducing the gear.

Almost every ride is a roller coaster ride.

Bro, this is how you do it:

  1. Press the clutch
  2. Simultaneously reduce the gear
  3. Then press the brake.

In case of an automatic car, start from step 2.

It is such a simple exercise of driving with finesse, that a lot of people happen to skip it out.

It’s easy bro, super easy!

Struggling with two book titles

As on date, I’m having roughly 3-4 book ideas.

I was struggling with which one to pick. 2-3 had great potential on selling THE moment I picked them up. One, which is the closest to my heart, will sell way better than these, if I market them right.

Guess which one did I pick?

The quick sell one or the huge sell one close to the heart?

I have no idea!

If you have ever been in a place where you’ve had no idea about what’s going on, consider the following:

• Are you allowing others to create your ideas?

• Are you making choices to impress others and yet hate the choices you’ve made?

• Are you eating more than what you should?

If you really want to move ahead in life, be your own teacher and correct yourself.

No one else is coming for your rescue. You already have the idea, you’re just ignoring it under the darkness of…you know under whose darkness.