Everything but mindset

A friend I know, has been working on YouTube channel of a celebrity. They are a team of four people managing different tasks.

Looking at all of this, an agency approaches them and hires them.

And now the plot twist begins.

The guy who is the main speaker of the videos tries to copy everything of that celebrity.
The way he speaks.
The colours of his clothing.
Video lengths
And of course, the team 🙂

Except just one thing: This celebrity’s mindset. The celebrity’s humility. The celebrity’s wisdom to let people do their own thing instead of dominating them.

So he does all these things the opposite.
Just like all people who want to copy but not emulate.

We all draw our external imageries from people around us. Nothing wrong with it.

However, if we do not work around creating our right vibe and mindset, and just refuse to change, no celebrity would ever be able to help us.

Growth is a personal responsibility. Not something you can pay others and expect to happen with the same old angry and resistant methods.

“But they also do it!”

When we are changing an existing pattern or habit, most people make a small and dangerous mistake of seeing someone else and falling down on their path.

What if, they focussed on their own path and own habits, and let their life be the light for all?

If one human is hanging onto a cliff, the other should be strong enough to raise them higher, not weak enough to fall down along with them.

Positivity is cool

There is already a ton of negativity out there in the world.

People are already suffering.

Give them something what they need: positivity and understanding.

It’s not old school, it’s the most important gift they could get.

The only way to give that gift is to have it yourself in the first place. Take care of what goes inside your head.