What do your eyes say, Bro?

Your kind words and your good deeds won’t do much good.

It’s your eyes that show dismay or acceptance that break or create someone else.

Today a lot of people are living in a fragile state of mind, even if they are an online influencer.

You being fulfilled from within and then giving the acceptance out to others is the best gift they could ever receive today.

We spend more hours on work than chilling around. So does our role of giving acceptance rises a notch higher.

Focussed? Really?

What is the percentages of your focus on your goal?

80, 90 or 95%?

That’s probably an incorrect question.

Focussed on your goals means: simply focussed.

When you are in that zone of “total focus” you just can’t see anything else. Eyes and vibes on just one thing.

That’s focus. Either 100 % or not.

Where are your eyes and vibes going right now, btw?