Truth is freaking hard bro!

You really want to speak everything bad to that one person.

Except the fact that, that bad won’t change them either. It would just make them worse off.

You want to talk with that one person who does not want to talk with you.

Except the fact that, even if they start talking with you they won’t respect you anyway.

You want to change that one family member whose habits you’re not proud of.

Except the fact that, even if by a miracle of Aladdin’s Ginnie, even if they change – is your happiness always conditional on other people?

You want your team to love you.

Except the fact that, everyone loves only couch potato. For someone who is “doing something” will never be liked by all.

You want to….

Except the fact that, there will always be a “yang” to every “yin”, and vice versa.

Walking on the path of truth, is the only journey you’d be proud of!