How to deal with anger

When you are angry, don’t respond.

When you are angry, trust yourself it will get better.

When you are angry, go outdoors (yes, even balcony would help.)

When you are angry, do NOT reach out to your phone.

And next time when you are angry, and you calm down, ask yourself, how to protect yourself from the same thing next time?

E-mail etiquette

When I receive an e-mail I didn’t expect to receive,

How I want to respond:

Mujhe tujhse baat hi nahi karni! Katta, katta, hamesha ke liye katta!!!

How I actually respond:

Sure, thank you.

Is this how sometimes even you want to respond? 💁🏻‍♀️

Email and DMs

Addressed my emails and DMs after a long break of ten days.

It turns out, there were zero urgent messages.

And with the messages marked as urgent, they were resolved when they didn’t get a reply.

What we think is important and may cost us our fortune, is simply something that requires your ignorance.

Because guess what, if you’re not ignoring what you should, you’ll end up ignoring what you shouldn’t.