To hear

The sound of people singing in the home next to mine.

Crackling of leaves in my own home.

Sound of one vehicle passing by.

Modi Ji’s speech in the neighbourhood.

Dogs barking yards away.

Be grateful for what you can hear when there is no veil to hide it. The veil will come soon.

Shout to be out

People tend to shout when they don’t get what they asked for.

People tend to shout when they feel insecure about what they have and don’t have.



People not behaving according to you

People saying mean things behind (and in front of you)

People blaming you for their mistakes

Your competitor getting ahead of you even they started after you

All these things are going to happen.

The only job people are going to get done when they shout is, scare more people and make them aware of being around you.

If that’s not the destination you want to reach, probably being patient and kind could do the deal.

Like they always do.