Breaking the norms

To break the norms does not mean break the legal norms and go murder the person you’ve desperately wanting to do for years.

Breaking the norms, may seem useful (and powerful) when you break the ones that are not serving you, like:

  • You may choose to go workout instead of making tea for someone who is already busy getting obese. (Love begins with the one in the mirror.)
  • You may choose to get up from a boring meeting and come back after a 10-minute walk (your mind and body get recharged by missing out on irrelevant stuff.)
  • You may choose to cook a ten-minute khichdi versus waiting for a quick 30-minute calorie filled home delivery.
  • You may choose to send that email you know you have been waiting to send, versus scrolling a meme page on Instagram.
  • You may choose to do a quick reading of at least two pages, versus listening to gossips of others on your metro ride.

You have tonnes of norms to break, that aren’t serving the society. More than that, you.

Will you break the norms for You?