Split personality disorder

It is a disease not restricted to a few people.

Rather, there are very few people who don’t suffer from this.

Well, what to do if you want to be one of those few people?

a. Being kind even when you have the right to be unkind is an unprecedented advantage.

b.      Replacing “you’re an idiot” with “I think there is a miscommunication” lets the other person know that they’re not unwanted.

c.       More than anything else, when we move around the world with the backstory that we are the hero and our role is to make others rise, instead of being the villain who wants everyone to fall down.

Split personality disorder is real and more rampant than we ever thought. What we need is a decision to have a personality we would be proud of.

And to live to that personality when things inevitably don’t go vanilla.

Will they support you?

One of the best learnings that covid brought to us is not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Warren Buffet has been saying it for years.

Not only for finances, also for our emotions and sources of income.

More than anything else, we have learnt never to depend on external validation (malls, restaurants, movies,etc.) for making us feel.

Will they support you is not the right question.

The right question is, will you support yourself?

The limit

The limit is the quality of content and people you surround yourself with.

The limit is the books you don’t read.

The limit is the empathy you don’t give to yourself.

The limit is the chats you have while you shouldn’t.

The limit is the DMs you don’t send.

The limit is the smiles you knew you could spread.

The limit is your decisions.

How you doin?

Your idol is doing something you don’t want to be doing.

The world is telling you to do that just doesn’t feel right!

Someone in the extended family is teaching how to betray others.

Everyone has their opinions and what they say is right where they are.

You do your own thing. Not because it’s hard. Rather because it’s difficult to be like someone else. When you are you, you will work harder than it is required, and you will feel zero fatigue because you are living by your own values.

Even if it is the same boring stuff every time, you know when you know.

WhatsApp chat status

Think of a recent WhatsApp group chat.

You were away while that chat was happening, and you read the conversation hours later.

When you’re done reading the chat, how do you feel?

Invariably your emotions are exactly same as those being exchanged in the chat.

The chat is simply written conversation. No one “said” anything to you. Yet now you feel those emotions.

Everything you read is just a thought.

Why not you write thoughts to yourself?

Why not read every single time, what you want to hear?

It’s easy. It’s simple. It’ll take just 15 minutes for you.

Will you? The answer depends on how serious you are for your life.

Remember the postcard?

Every single day we have, we say more than what we speak.

Most people believe people judge them by what they speak. Speaking doesn’t generate trust. It’s just a validation of who you are.

What you don’t say and do it, decides what people will think of you.

Who you are inside, people will always know about it. Never an exception.

What you are speaks so loudly to me that I can barely hear what you say.


The question, then, is not “how do I make myself liked by them?”

The question is “how do I be the same inside and outside?”

Like a postcard. Not an envelope.

What do you stand for?

If something in the work goes wrong, do you own it up or let it hide under the covers – until it finally does come out!

If someone in the team has failed to deliver on a project, do you help them out or do you go to the manager?

If someone in family wants a solution, do you sit and listen?

What we stand for, stands along with us.

What we do, becomes our bio-data.

The real choice is when we have a dilemma, not when life is vanilla.

To soothe you…

1. Everyone is simply doing their best. Even if it is hard to admit, it is the truth.

2. Your role is to love. Starting with you.

3. Your role is to improve yourself. Everything else will eventually rise.

4. People making it to the world records – don’t have to make you feel worried – if that’s not where you want to be.

5. It will all be sorted out in the end. What you need to take control of, is today.