The search bar

The search bar is good. It helps us find what we are looking for.

Except when its disastrous. Like in case of Instagram.

If you are someone who sees their time go by, simply track how much of your time was spent navigating the search bar on Instagram.

Don’t say it was for entertainment. The real entertainment is in getting bored. If you are getting to a place of getting bored and not going to the Instagram search bar, you are going to the search bar of your life.

That’s cracking the best code ever!

My favourite one-liners

This is the collection of my musings while working, working out, figuring out life, and most of the times, showing up! Enjoy, and feel free to share 🙂

  1. Talent becomes latent when work doesn’t become hard.
  2. They don’t take care of you because they are too broken to take care of themselves.
  3. We wait for an idea of the future hoping for things to get better, not realising it is getting created here and now – with what we think and what we do.
  4. Chill bro! This too, shall pass!
  5. Never leave yourself. Because others will do that to you anyway.
  6. If you are not cunning, you should be proud of yourself.
  7. Saying no to things that aren’t important isn’t a bug you have, it’s your feature.
  8. Sometimes the best moments get created when we are NOT recording videos of them. The happiness is living in the happiness.
  9. Poking fun at others is a sign of lack of self-honour.
  10. Playing revenge on mean people is becoming a photocopy of the one you despise the most. Why would you do that?
  11. People don’t get tensed because they are tensed. They get tensed because they’re in a habit of getting tensed.
  12. Just like laptop’s fan starts shouting when a lot of load is put onto it, so does our brain starts shouting when we expose it to a lot of load. Less is more, baby!
  13. If our follow-up email to a cold prospect could land us a client, imagine how our follow-up to a cold-blooded person might make them warm! Ego is indeed the enemy!
  14. Awareness is being aware of what’s good in you and what isn’t. It doesn’t mean endorsing what’s bad in you because you are “self-aware”.
  15. Our happiness is a function of how quickly we are able to bounce back from a mood-off.
  16. We spend our lives thinking about the correct thing to do, not realising not doing is the most incorrect thing to do.
  17. If we don’t pursue momentary pain, we sign up for a permanent one.
  18. Be hard on yourself so you could be easy on others.
  19. You’re a beautiful person if you take responsibility.
  20. You are the change you’re looking for.

O yeah, that happens with me too!

O yes.

It is weird sometimes.

People behave in strange ways.

They act as if they don’t care.

And more than anything else, they tell you that you matter however, that is the last thing you see.

So, what to do?

Take care of yourself buddy!

The advice is real, the execution in takes all the effort. And if you are you, there is no one that can shake you.

I felt soooo happy!

A friend asked me about a book recommendation on mental health.

I was soooo soooo happy!

Gave her my favourite one, along with a few that could rank after it.

But you know what, the feeling was epic.

Which brings me to…ahem ahem!

I will start writing book summaries soon. Even the thought is good enough to keep me up at night. However, when you sleep well, you create well.

So, see you all soon with consistent book reviews. Whoa, I could die in a library 🙂

PS: When my friend asked for book reccos, I didn’t tell her the names or Amazon links, I clicked pictures of the books I love and sent those. Totally loved it!!!

Wanna go back and change the past?

The past was horrible.
How could they do it to you?
How could you do it to yourself?

Do these thoughts sometimes encircle your mind? Like if that person from the past came back to you right now, you would hit them and vent out all your frustration?

Here’s the catch baby: Even if you did that, that won’t take away the past and its bruises.

To heal yourself, you have to heal yourself.

That is difficult.
That is the real hard work.
That will break you down into pieces several times before it actually makes you.
That will make you question yourself over and over again.
However, that will also be the right thing for you.

What’s the point of being behind those prison bars when on the sides of those bars is open space to run anywhere you need to?

Stern. Not really!

It was a delay in delivery of work from one of our delivery partners.
What was supposed to be delivered in two days, was easily and conveniently taking a week.

In the first week itself, they broke several promises.

As a result, I was asked to be stern with them. Which I did.

In the coming week, they again faltered.
This time I became stern without being asked to.

As a result, I was told to be the nice and kind girl, and let the sternness be the game of the seniors.

Which made me think: I let go of my original nature of being kind, it only backfired on me.
I am known for being kind and compassionate, however, I let go of my real original nature (which, in fact, is a good virtue to possess) and that backfired on me.

Lesson learnt: NEVER let go of your goodness, even when the world wants you to.

My life is finished. COMPLETELY FINISHED.

My life is finished. COMPLETELY FINISHED.

I received this text message from a guy who was supposedly seeing me back in 2016.
This message was in lieu of his non-response to my messages for many hours (which usually didn’t happen), and suddenly this one popped up at 11 pm.

Since I was a fool back then, I inquired (read: begged) him multiple times, as to what happened.

Here’s what had happened:

He had logged in to my irctc (Portal for booking trains) account, and saw that I had booked a ticket from Delhi to Ahmedabad.
So, the nuances are, that I was going to a meditation retreat in Mt. Abu, and Ahmedabad is a subsequent station. Whenever there aren’t enough seats available in Rajdhani Express for the Delhi – Mr. Abu route, the smart way is to book your ticket till Ahmedabad and get off at Mt. Abu.

Now, why did he have a problem with Ahmedabad?
Because the guy I used to see before him (yes, I stopped at making two mistakes, no more :D), stayed in Ahmedabad. And this smart fellow thought I was going to be disloyal to him by going to Ahmedabad.

Now as I am happy getting out of that relationship, at that time also I knew that this fellow won’t ever listen to anyone, as his head is filled with his ego.

But here’s what I thought:
– Do I have to go to Ahmedabad to be infidel to this guy? Can’t I do that while sitting in Delhi itself?
– Why in the world would I book a train from Delhi to Ahmedabad? Bhaai flight na le lu?
– If I had to be infidel, why would I share my irctc password with him?

However, this guy had given me enough signs that the only reason he was in this relationship was to vent out frustration of his existing one, and the only reason I was in that relationship was because I was a fool!

I begged him to listen to me, where he responded with “I can prove it to you that tickets till Mt. Abu were available but you booked till Ahmedabad.”
That moment, that very moment where he “could prove to me but still did not because sure, I give you the privilege of my carried forward trust,” in that moment I lost my respect for him.

Honestly, both of us knew the relationship was going to end soon, but it was that moment that I actually stopped caring of what he thought.

If you truly trust someone and then you see a glimpse of something that raises your eyebrows, you talk to them. Simple. You talk to them.

You don’t stop responding to their texts, return with “My life is finished. COMPLETELY FINISHED,” and then finally allow them to avail you again! Yikes.

May no one he loves be treated like the way he treated me.

Anyway, what’s the point of sharing this here?

Here’s it:

1. This behaviour of this person was not just once. It was repetitive. And when he did get back to senses, he replicated with thousands of “I love you”, which I could never feel. People always show who they are. It is up to us, as to what we do when they show their true selves. As Maya Angelou said beautifully, “When people show you who they are, believe them!”

2. Why do you need the second lesson my dear readers, when the first one is too difficult to digest? Just reflect on the first one, and see who all you are allowing despite the fact that they don’t deserve to be in your orbit.

I must admit, my life was finished when I was with him.
But had he didn’t occur, I wouldn’t have found myself like I did, after he thankfully found so many flaws in me that the relationship had to get over.

Finally. Forever.

If this happens, that will definitely happen

If you really work hard and get better, you will get where you want to.

If you keep forgiving people, you will get lighter.

If you keep eating a bit lesser, soon you will get to your desired destination.

If you keep persisting when you are supposed to give up, you will get great rewards instantly over a period of time.

If you be there for yourself, you will be able to be there for others as well. Not vice versa.

It turns out, we already know all the answers. We just need to decide, as Seth Godin says.