Self-control to not check WhatsApp because it is just a time-pass.

Self-control to block the negative people because you love yourself.

Self-control to sleep at a fixed time every night because early morning meditation and workout is superimportant to you.

Self-control to distance yourself from “friends” that drain your energy because you can’t love anyone unless you love yourself.

Self-control to have the self-control to not talk about this self-control in public and rather live by it, because doers rule the world.

WhatsApp chat status

Think of a recent WhatsApp group chat.

You were away while that chat was happening, and you read the conversation hours later.

When you’re done reading the chat, how do you feel?

Invariably your emotions are exactly same as those being exchanged in the chat.

The chat is simply written conversation. No one “said” anything to you. Yet now you feel those emotions.

Everything you read is just a thought.

Why not you write thoughts to yourself?

Why not read every single time, what you want to hear?

It’s easy. It’s simple. It’ll take just 15 minutes for you.

Will you? The answer depends on how serious you are for your life.