Can’t talk! Just can’t!!

A startup founder reached out to me on LinkedIn, stating she was full of gratitude for what I did and how I was kind to her on her posts. She ended the DM requesting me to get on a call.

Bro, I am someone who has her phone notifications off since eternity, has never changed her phone ringtone since 2015 (when I first got my smartphone) and I am about to tell my boss that I will take only 2 interviews per day, because if I speak more than that, I will not feel energetic 🙂

So I responded to her, requesting to “strike the conversation” in the DMs itself, and told her the truth.

No response as yet. Anyway, the joy of saying no which you don’t want to do, is always unparallel! :))

Will you?

God would listen to you, if you would listen to Him.

Happiness would come to you, if you decided to be happy.

Peace would be natural, if we never made space for anger.

We know what we want. We just need to decide.

I’ll do this to be liked

Dressing up like someone else.

Talking like someone else.

Talking to be liked by someone else, even though you want to be silent.

Going to disco because everyone (other than you) feels it’s cool.

Posting that content which “they” will like.

The list is endless, my friend. However, your life does have an end. The sad news is, you don’t know when.

Then waiting doesn’t make sense, right?

Last one?

Rest assured, you won’t ever know what and when is going to be your last one.

Today, being the last day of the year, a lot of people are thinking of what the last year did to them, reviewing it, etc.

What if, we treated each day with the urgency of the last day.

Some of the benefits that are going to accrue:

1. You will stop hanging around with people like whom you don’t want to look like.

2. You will be more kinder towards your work.

3. You will stop procrastinating on the thing you need to do the most.

Last one?

Well, you will never know the last one for you.

Today’s post?

You may post on Day 1 and it is going to be fun.

You may post on Day 2 and it still goes okay.

You may want to do your 10th post on Day 31.

And then there are people who make it to the top, because they moved beyond the fear of 278th post that didn’t do well, and are still on their work ethic.

Do you know why?

Because they’re not random “post because it’s fancy” kinda people. Rather because, they post to make a difference. If not this one, the next one definitively will make a difference.

Because past 277 posts were not in vain. They did make a difference, even to a single person, and that compound interest is enough to keep them going.

And that very non-execution creates non-executors.