What’s the goal?

The goal is to be so internally fulfilled that even though you may have time, you don’t want to scroll Instagram.

The goal is to respect your introversion and work in a team simultaneously.

The goal is to look at what’s working in others versus where they lack, as this is what a loved one does (with some occasional nudges here and there).

The goal is to have an understanding. The understanding that fortunately comes from within and through reflection, not external factors including OTT or social media.

The real goal

The real goal is not to achieve your goals.

The real goal is not to travel, have money, reach that weight, etc.

Those are all fine, the real goal is to change your nature.

That part of your nature that you know is causing you pain and misery, that part of your nature that you know is not serving you, and that part of your nature that you know is the root of most evil in your life.

That is our real goal. To change the nature that nurtures the tree that should’ve long been uprooted.


You don’t know how and what kind of results you are going to get.

What you do know is that you are going to get results if you do the work.

If you simply stay put and do nothing you will get no results even if you have got a great luck.

The solution, then, is to get up and do the work. Get up and start taking action.

Results follow action. Nothing follows doing nothing.

Like always, you get to decide.