Good things happen…

Good things happen when you don’t expect them to happen, and continue doing your hard work.

But hard work without smart work is donkey work.

Rather, working hard along with making your own way is the best kind of hard work that will yield results for you.

Making calculated efforts. Making better efforts. Working with effortless ease.

All of these, make good things happen 🙂

The true measure of your bigness

We become big

on the day

we refuse to feel small

on small acts of people

who don’t know

they are acting small.

They perhaps know this much only.

And thus, are acting this way.

But if you become like them

in the process of teaching them a lesson,

you have lost the biggest lesson of your own life:

“To not to be like the ones who try to pull you down.”

Because in reality, they aren’t trying to.

They just know this much.

They just know this much.

Perhaps you also need to alter your perspective.