The easiest way to change your life

If you look at your day, you’ll find several things to make the radical shift.

And to look at all of them might sound demeaning.

So here’s the way to change your life:

Change just one thing in your day that causes you most pain.

Just one. Not three. Not five. Just one.

Maybe you check your phone just for ten minutes in the morning and it may get your schedule haywire.

Maybe you have your dinner quite late.

Maybe you get distracted easily in your environment.

What is it that causes you the most pain?

Tackling just one thing will lead to domino effect of life altering habits.

Decide now.

A tough decision

Any decision that seems tough at the outset is not at all tough, though.

We just need to analyse what and how are we going to “feel” on choosing Option A over B.

What’s really tough, is taking out time to sit in solitude with yourself and work on mastering your mind.

When you start devoting that time to that daily, making tough decisions becomes the easiest thing to do.

The question, then, is to consider: “Am I willing to work upon myself to be able to ignore the lifetime regrets of taking wrong decisions?”