Happy when sad…

If we want to talk about the pains we went through, the list is endless.
And I understand, the pains were and are very real.

If we want to talk about the high moments of our life, the list is still endless.
Of course, we did work really hard to get there.

However, these are the extreme sides of human existence. They are somewhat the result of our inability to control the end results.

So is there something that we can control?
Yes, our happiness.

Happiness doesn’t mean celebration in an unfortunate event. It however does mean that you will stay stable and calm come what may.

When we are going through that break up, we can be happy because there were a few good things that came out of that relationship.
When we’ve lost that loved one, yes it is difficult, but wherever they are right now, would they be happy seeing you, an apple of their eye, suffer like this?
When we are going through lives’ biggest setbacks, do we have any idea that our nightmare is someone else’s biggest dream come true?

Perspective is what makes the entire difference.

This doesn’t make your suffering little. But the people for whom you are suffering would love to see you happy. Be happy for them.

And always remember, your happiness isn’t a sign of you not loving them. Your happiness is a sign of you loving them despite they had to go to another journey…