LOLs by Nishtha – 21 Jan

LOL technically means Laugh Out Loud.

However, I use it as lessons of life.

So this is how we will use them whenever I want to share life lessons

  1. Protect your days. That is all you have.
  2. There is no “urgent” mail. Trust yourself.
  3. Keep your good word.
  4. Keep your good word to yourself.
  5. Read point 4 and 5 again.

That’s all.

Wish you a great time, wherever you are 🙂

Documenting NY habits

This year, I’m doing something different: creating habits instead of goals. While I do have some goals at the back of my mind, they’re all effective when we build systems around them.

So here are mine:

1. Create one IG reel + one LinkedIn post daily. And write a Twitter thread every Tuesday about lessons from the book I’m reading.

2. Sleep by 9:30 PM. Daily.

3. Have daily habits of reading and meditation, and check my chart daily at EOD.

The only person between you and your happiness and success is you, and let good habits nudge you away from the old you.

Happy New Year folks! I’d love to listen to your habits, DM me on IG/Twitter/ LinkedIn with the handle nishthagehija26.

See you then, and 2021 will be the best year of your life!

Today I’ll document my day

It is said that when you make something public, there are far greater chances of you getting back on course with things that aren’t serving you.

So, here’s me trying to document my day.

Not sure if I could document everything, but here’s the good and the parts to be changed.

To be changed:

  1. Checked phone @5:30. Bad choice Nishtha. If you check your phone before 8AM, it will be an addiction throughout the day.
  2. Did not like the baingan ka bhartha that Mom made. So made myself a gud ki roti and an ajwain parantha with curd for lunch. Though it was yum, no veggies means no satisfaction, so look for veggies in lunch next time.
  3. Boss had asked for social media content for next week. I got better from last week, but not up to the mark. Need to work more on it.

Good things that happened:

  1. Was able to reach halfway through the wall-headstand in yoga.
  2. Attended the YouTube team call and the inherent feeling of inferiority complex was resolved, because I work with a fab boss who thrives on giving respect to all:)
  3. Submitted client’s content for next week and did something he hadn’t expected. Fingers crossed:)
  4. Walking to the meditation center daily. Because it’s cold and the movement will bring in some heat, and it’s damn cold to ride a two-wheeler in winters.
  5. Had a video call with my sis and nephew. Don’t know why, but that’s good anyway!
  6. Made matar paneer + rice for dinner. Hadn’t eaten a veggie since the morning bruh…
  7. Yesterday’s IG reel was loved more than expected. Looking forward to more love.

Hmm…that was fun. I should be doing more of these. Makes life accountable.

Alright then, see you tomorrow.

Till then, take great care peops!