The dark side

Everyone has a dark side.

I am good to you, but maybe I am not the same way to everyone, where I should be.
Someone is a good boss, but he fires one of his employees after every half a year.
A human being talks about culture, yet fails to maintain it for themselves.

What should we do when do have a dark side?

Here’s what: Think about challenging your beliefs in solitude. It would be hard, but then you would not be hard on others.

That thing with more

Yesterday I slept for 10 hours. Five in the noon and five at night.

Today morning, I looked tired as if not slept for 50 hours.

So here’s the conclusion with more:

1. More quantity of sleep makes you look like a 32 year old. Right quantity of sleep makes you look like a 20 year old. Less than right sleep makes you look like a 35 year old.

2. Talking more with your bff that you don’t do your work will not be good for you or your friendship. Chit chatting with random stuff you share is perfect. Not at all staying in contact is worst.

3. Telling your parents of ventures you intend to do is dangerous, they’ll be scared. Talking with them, is perfect. Having zero communication: no Bro, not at all.

4. Working too hard: you won’t be able to work at all. Working at an optimum level that challenges you: perfect. Not at all working leads to boredom.

Extremes are lethal. The middle route that challenges you, is the one that will sustain you.