A great day?

How do you decide if you had a great day or not?

What are the parameters?

What really has to happen in order for your day to be great?

Being super specific helps, although if you aren’t specific, your days will pass quickly and so will your life.

Letting that happen to you is a sad thing to be.

The ability to say no

You could be a meaningful specific or a wandering generality,” said Zig Ziglar.

The internet with its many names, has made anyone, possible to reach anyone.

How we figure out to use the Internet, is up to us.

You cannot be and do everything, unless you  have a dedicated team to curate your contenet and distribute it to various platforms.

The solution, then, is to build a solid social media presence on one or two platforms.

For the rest, even if you  post less frequently, it’s okay. A part of maturity is acceptance of the fact that NOT everyone is your audience.

The bigger maturity is that you are going to be loved and revered when you master the art of saying no (gracefully).