Will they support you?

One of the best learnings that covid brought to us is not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Warren Buffet has been saying it for years.

Not only for finances, also for our emotions and sources of income.

More than anything else, we have learnt never to depend on external validation (malls, restaurants, movies,etc.) for making us feel.

Will they support you is not the right question.

The right question is, will you support yourself?

Insurance documents bro!

People will not understand you. They will expect from you, yet they won’t probably reciprocate it.

What to do then?

Should you also reciprocate?

Well, we all have tried it and it never worked.

The only thing that could be the solution for everything, every single thing is to keep yourself strong from inside. It’s an insurance no one could take away.

Like every insurance, you have to pay consistent premium (aka learning) in order to actually avail the benefits.

Like every insurance, you will have to stop frivolous spends (hanging around with those people) to be able to pay premium without fail.



No one wants to be rejected.

Yet we do get rejected all the time – in relationships that didn’t work out, in jobs where we didn’t find our happiness, in childhood when we were scolded for no fault of ours.

It’s like someone inserting a scalpel into your eyes without giving you the anaesthesia.

Even the thought pricks a hole in the heart.

Yet it’s impossible to find a successful person who was not rejected. Not one ever.

Rejection does not mean we were wrong or we were not accepted.

It simply means we were not aligned.

Relationship rejection – love yourself now.

Job rejection – your work you love is shouting out loud at you to be noticed.

Childhood rejection – don’t do the same to your kids (and your parents).

Rejection never stops anyone. Unless one is ready to be stopped.

You get to decide.

A night to remember

Last night was something I would remember for a long time.

Ever since the time lockdown began, I was in Delhi – where I stay owing to my work. Couldn’t go to home.

Yesterday we finally got the permission to move from there to my hometown via hired taxi.
It was four of us – me, a friend, her brother and the taxi driver.

We had just crossed Jaipur and at the border of Jaipur and Tonk – there was a police patroling like it’s always there.

While crossing from there, the driver perhaps dozed off and blew away four barricades at a drizzling speed. The fifth one happened to finally drag the car for twenty metres – until it finally moved to a zigzag pattern, rendered the car to forcibly stop.

It was 1AM.

The moon was sparking bright.

In the month of May in the state of Rajasthan, the cool breeze was refreshing.

And then this accident. We managed to handle it. The police was extremely kind to us.

Another car was passing from the highway and the driver noticed the number plate on our car was of our hometown – where they were going.
The driver offered to help. We were skeptical.

However going in the same broken car was nothing short of dangerous – here the police was there, later on we weren’t promised of police support.

We thought over it, deliberated it for a few minutes – until we finally asked the driver to share his ID.

And bam!

When my friend clicked the picture of his ID, she realised she has seen this ID a couple of days back.

She scrolled through her pictures and realised he was the same driver who had cancelled his trip to coming to pick us up because he was appointed to go somewhere else.

What a coincidence!

We went on with this driver, made the former driver go with his car, called his manager in the middle of the night to no avail – and off we went.

All sorted out.

With just one thing – yesterday as I escaped death just by a few inches, I almost had an intuition at 10 PM in the car that I better start meditating and create an aura of safety and protection around us.

God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform – said Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

PS: In this entire episode from 1:10 AM to 1:55 AM, I felt zero anxiety or restlessness. Someone is mysteriously moving along.

PPS: Btw here’s a pic of clean sky in the otherwise busy evening of Noida. Enjoy!

Last night was something I would remember for a long time – for all the good reasons!

I don’t like it that way

Staying in silence is good. Thinking others should also do this way, is too much a burden for them.

Working out is good. Not respecting others when they don’t, isn’t.

Liking Sufi music is great. Expecting others to find it melodious isn’t.

Having choices is what makes us human.

Respecting others with their choices makes us a super human.

Not asking them to change because we want them to, is divine.

To know more and better

We think we know everything.

Maybe we are right.

Until we are not.

The best way to challenge our assumptions is to start knowing more.

To know more means you don’t know everything. Which is a beautiful place to be.

What if we challenge our assumptions? Not our beliefs and values, rather our assumptions.

And the virtuous cycle continues!