The cool kids we hate

There is certainly ONE cool kid around you.
The one wearing a high attitude.
The one whose WhatsApp messages everyone responds to.

Here’s the truth about those cool kids:

  • They are suffering a lot inside
  • So they use that coolness to mask it
  • And not treat others well
  • And get to feel good about themselves
  • And the cycle continues

Here’s what you should bear in mind, whenever you come across these cool kids in whose company you don’t feel welcome:

  • Respect your own journey
  • Move on
  • Bless them

The ones who make others suffer, are the ones who are suffering hugely inside.

But they are wrong

When people are in the whirlwind of their emotions, when they have given everything and still believe we deserve more, people lose their control over self, and start blaming others.

What they need right now, is not a closure.

What they need is a walk.

And we need walks all the time. To think twice before hitting send. It would save us a lifetime of regret.

What should not come along with growth

Growth is snazzy.

Rising upwards comes with higher tides.

Success feels cool and fun.

Yet what none of this should bring along with it is, making others feel smaller or insignificant because you have risen higher.

It’s the slightest and loftiest form of ego, which comes at the cost of bigger success.

Best part is, only you can do your self analysis and pluck out the weeds, or they shall take up the space meant for green plants.


Peace is cool.

What’s hot, is, how to do it in the first place.

There is a simple formula for peace: you can practice it in chaotic moments only if you make time to practice it in moments of solitude and ease.

Unless anything becomes a second nature, the chances of it showing up in a moment of fire is certainly difficult.