The best shot

I will publish my article when I would have given my best.

I will apply for that interview when I am 100% ready.

I will talk to them when I am in a great frame of mind.

I will, when I…

This is an easy way to say you don’t have the time, the resources, the ability, and most importantly, the self confidence to create work.

Done is better than perfect, says Seth Godin.

Once you get into this groove of doing, doing excellent will automatically follow as the next right move.

We need to learn to walk first, if we want to win a marathon some day.


Excellence has a cost.

The cost is, usually giving up the ordinary.

However, addiction to ordinary is a big one. And an addictive one.

So start with the question: what if excellence was my nature of being?

The cost then becomes the necessity.

Start different.