Wierd is the new normal

In all the things that everyone describes as “normal”, we all have one thing that we DON’T do.

Even if everyone in the world is doing it, we don’t do it.

In “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, the author Daniel Kanheman talks about why we tend to lower down the volume in the car while searching for parking spots – because parking requires a thought process and even music comes as a distraction.

It is such a subconscious process, that we hardly realise that we do

it. As it comes to doing weird things with my life, I can never work with music.

Nor can I read a book accompanied with music.

Not even meals :/

That focus is a necessity for me, and music comes in when I am seriously sitting idle or (the good old days) when we were allowed to drive on the roads:)

Like most people, I DON’T listen to music “at all times”!