Lessons of the week that went

1. Follow-up if you are not seeing progress in a team project, even if you were not the SPOC.

2. Each time someone trusts us by hiring us as a freelancer or giving us a job, we get lucky. No matter how qualified or hard working we are, there are a lot more people wanting to get where you are. The place where we are today is a blessing.

3. Honesty and humility is wayyy beyond what we think. Only we realise it after a decade of practising by when most people would give up.

4. Managing your time and your thoughts is the best management you could ever do.

5. The one Zoom meeting you are reluctant to join is the one that is going to be epic. The one Zoom meeting you would want to look forward to having fun on won’t add much value to your character.

6. Meditation is the biggest medicine. The ones consuming it will get it.

7. Kindness, solitude and workouts are the foundation of every building we call a great life.

PS: In other news, I saw a haldi doodh recipe online and as I was narrating they recipe to her, she kept suggesting a lot more ingredients. My response: It’s a court marriage Mom, don’t call all the relatives. 😀

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