How much power do you have?

Let’s say you and I work together from the same office.

I am doing some important work and you keep interrupting me with your questions.

I understand that your questions are real, and I love answering them!
However, if I don’t end up doing my work, I would not end up serving you or me.

So I request you that from 10 to 12 and 2 to 5 I shall be working, beyond these hours you can come to me with your questions.

And guess what? You agree, collect your questions and come to me with collective questions.

It saves up both our times and focus.

This is the power you have: to not to distract a human when they are work.

If your mind can stop itself from distracting others, can it not stop itself from distracting you with your work?

The mind is a powerful student, if we learn how to rule it.