Doing more in less time

For the past one week, I had been on a meditation retreat.

9+ hours of daily meditation. Group exercise for 30 minutes. Resting well as well, for 7 hours a day.
Along with that, I used to do my freelancing and clients’ work as well.
No deviation. Just skipped two meetings.

What used to take four days, was now taking an hour daily, i.e., four hours a week.

It is magic. Except that its not.

When we meditate and focus, we leave contact with distractions.
The mind has all its powers at one place and that is priceless.
The rays are now focussed through a magnifying glass instead of the paper just lying there in the sunlight.

The world has taught us that it isn’t possible. But guess what? That is the same world that is on social media the entire day!