Is there so much fear?

How much of our fear is acquired? From news, WhatsApp and other social media?

The condition is difficult but what is the point of amplifying it by consuming a whole lot of information around it?

Last week as my stomach was recovering from appendix surgery, doctor has strictly told me to eat liquids or soft foods like idli, poha, etc. Why? Because the equation is clear – the input in your stomach will determine the health of the stomach.

Now replace stomach with mind.

What would happen to the mind if we keep feeding it negativity, hurt and pain of the world? How will it radiate power for those who really need it?

You want to help the world, here’s how you can:

– Sit for 10 minutes at specific times and radiate power to those who need it. People can’t meet others but they definitely can catch the vibes they’re being given. Give them that power.

– Bless your food before you eat it. The farmers and the delivery people are in angst right now, because they may also want to sit in the safe canopy of their homes instead of venture out and get a terminal disease. That anger goes to the food we eat. Bless the food to wash off all negativity.

– Talk about your childhood to your parents. Its your as well as their favourite topic. And we all need these conversations right now.