Notification alert!

Why do people check emails every ten minutes?
Or check WhatsApp first thing in the morning to check for an “important” notification?

Here’s the truth:

Whenever we check for a notification, one of three things would happen:

1. There is a very very good news.
In that case, how would we be able to really celebrate it because our mind will be focused on checking the next notification very quickly?

2. No major thing would have happened.
Happens most of the time. Still we reach out for that “possible” dopamine fix.

3. There is a challenge to be solved for.
How would you be able to solve it if your mind isn’t calm, composed and in self control?

In these three different types of hooks we get on checking our notifications, to celebrate it or to do nothing with it or to face it, we need our mind to be composed.

Which would happen when we don’t get hooked too much to our notifications and work on being control of our mind.

And our hand.