I somehow do not agree with Anupama

The show “Anupama” has taken the Internet by storm, more so rightly. Not only women, rather an almost equal proportion of men love it.

The protagonist Anupama is starting her journey of life afresh, after her husband was infidel to her.

He begs, shouts, does everything to her for forgiveness, but she wants to move on in her life. She tells him to be faithful to at least one relationship.

Maybe she is right in her place. Maybe she has gone through a lot for her to be able to reach here. Maybe she was broken into pieces before she could reach this place of peace.

As my Mom said, “Usne dil se apne pati ko chhor diya hai!”

But what if she forgave him?
What if she let him in again?
What if she forgave him because it takes effort to keep a relationship? If he really means it, why does she not want to forgive him?

I may not be the best person to comment on this because I am not in her place. But maybe maybe maybe, moving on also means forgiving.